1. May 2024

    1. Tue 28

      Jaguars Training!

  2. June 2024

    1. Sat 01

      Round 4 Fixture- Saturday Games!

    2. Tue 04

      Jaguars Training!

    3. Sat 08

      Round 5 Fixture- Saturday Games!

    4. Tue 11

      Jaguars Training!

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Jaguars Trial Information 2024:

Northside Jaguars 2024 Winter Trial Information:

Northside Jaguar players are provided with club trials in enabling us to provide a team for each player that meets their skill ability, level of competition and will assist them to reach their full potential. 

Trials are run and conducted by our club co-coaching convenors and other qualified coaches and officials. 

Each player is given multiple opportunities to display their skill and ability in our club trial. 

All players will play in their two set positions they nominated for our club trials through small mini games during their allocated playing session. 

Jaguars Winter Club Trial 2024:

Date: Saturday 17th February 

Junior Trial: (born 2013 & 2014)

Sign In: 8:00am

Trial: 8:00am- 10:30am

Inter Trial: (born 2010, 2011 & 2012)

Sign In: 10:45am

Trial: 10:45am- 1:00pm

Opens Trial: (born 2009 & earlier) 

Sign In: 1:30pm

Trial: 1:30pm- 4:00pm

Venue: ACU Banyo Multi-Purpose Court

Address: 1100 Nudgee Rd, Banyo Qld, 4014

*Jaguar Moddies: 

Moddie trials (born 2015 & 2016) will be completed at the Moddies Winter Clinics!

Parents, please note this is a 'drop and go' trial. Players/Guardians will sign in and out via a roll at each trial session.

For more information on our winter trials grading process please see the below overview Information:

Teams will be released at the Club Season Launch!

*Please note if you require any more additional information in regards to trials please
  email secretary@northsidejaguars.com &president@northsidejaguars.com

Club Trial Overview:

Jaguars Grading Trial Information:

The first part of the trial consists of individual assessment of netball skills, knowledge and positional understanding on court. The second component of the trial involves the initial formulation of potential teams and combinations. 

Through the registration process, Jaguars request information from the player regarding preferred playing positions and playing history. This information is used to assign playing positions for grading trial games. 

When players are graded, individual player skill set and netball knowledge is assessed, however, graders must similarly ensure teams are appropriately positionally balanced. 

The Grading Committee uses the following criteria to assess each individual player during the trials. The level of proficiency in these skills is adjusted relative to the age of the player. 

-       Ball Skills:

-    Good basic ball handling skills under pressure

-    Good pass selection under pressure

-    Execution, accuracy and placement of the ball 

-    Catching ability (two-hands, one-hand)

-       Individual Movement Skills: 

-    Good footwork and change of direction 

-    Acceleration and deceleration (change of pace)

-    High work rate and timing

-    Balance and control with and without the ball

-    Speed, agility, endurance and elevation 

-       Positional Understanding:

-    Strong and consistent knowledge and understanding of their positional requirements

-    Timing 

-    Vision

-    Understanding of defensive structures (one-on-one, zone style, rebounding position, defensive positioning through court, reading play) 

-    Understanding of attacking structures (preliminary movements, outside foot landing, use of outside/inside pivots, vision through court, fakes/baulks, connections with other attacking players, creative use of space)

-    Accuracy of shot (shooting positions only) 

-    Understanding of circle movement and appropriate circle rotations (shooting positions only)

-       Court Awareness and Strategy:

-    Effective use of space

-    Timing and vision

-    Ability to read play and make appropriate decisions

-    Recognises and adapts to attacking/defensive strategy changes by opposition

-       Character: 

-    Commitment and reliability 

-    Consistency of performance 

-    Competitiveness and intensity 

-    Resilience 

-    Accountability for their position on court

-    Social and teamwork skills

-    Focus and concentration 

Attendance at all Winter grading and trials is mandatory for all players turning 10 years and older. 


If a player is absent from grading, the Grading Committee will use information and feedback received from previous coaches, and the player will be subsequently paper-graded into a team based on this feedback. 

Grading Feedback:

If players would like to request feedback on their final team placement, this request must be completed within 3 days of team announcements. This request must be in writing, and emailed to the Northside Jaguars Club President & Club coaching convenor president@northsidejaguars.com and coaching@northsidejaguars.com

Please note, friend requests cannot be guaranteed, however, the Grading Committee will take all requests into consideration when formulating final teams. 

New to Netball:

Our experienced coaches and members who run the trials are there to support and help each player! 
If you are new to netball or unsure about positioning or where to go, ask any Northside Jaguar trials assistant and we will happily help you get started and feel confident trialling and playing! 

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